eternal sigh

I’m struggling with exactly what this post will be.  I’ve had much on my mind recently.  Stressing about school.  Dealing with some deep psych issues.  I’ve also been silently raging about recent events concerning our federal government.  I’m not upset about what the government is doing, but the total lack of concern from the “American people.”  I’m specifically speaking about the recent decision by the FBI to extend its powers.  Read this and this if you’re unaware about its broadening reach.

As I’ve said before, I firmly believe that the United States is now a police state.  The government is keenly aware of the growing tide of distrust and anger, hence its investigation of antiwar and Leftist organizations.  The Arab Spring occurring on the other side of the planet is a reminder to every abusive and unlawful regime (including the United States) of what can happen when power shifts from the wealthy and influential to the working class.  A large-scale uprising in the United States is required if its people wish to adhere to the principles that founded this country.  But it won’t happen.  For example, Egypt’s population is approximately 80 million; it’s about 309 million in the States.  Because most Americans get their internet access from a large corporation (the top 5 providers are AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon and AOL), monitoring a user’s activity is easy.  The Arab Spring uprisings were born inside social networks.  The most widely used site is Facebook, a corporation worth $50 billion.  If you don’t think such a valuable reservoir of information and wealth would (they presumably already have) politely comply with a government order to monitor users, then you’re a lost cause.

I believe that the recent government outrage over an underground drug site will be the impetus for even broader internet-monitoring power.  After all, look how the government has used 9/11 to drop bombs in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan.

I’m not sure what happens next.  Probably nothing.  The fact that the government has manipulated and threatened individuals into becoming informants to infiltrate activist organizations practically ensures that any spark of an uprising will be snuffed.  But would a revolution— no, would just the idea of an uprising appeal to most of the populous?  No.  Noam Chomsky: “As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable, then the powerful can do as they please, and those who survive will be left to contemplate the outcome.”



~ by the coordinates of memories on 15 June 2011.

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