burroughs and death

Unknown: “What is your personal belief on death?”

W.S.B.: “Well, as I’ve often said, how do you know you aren’t dead already? No, but quite seriously. The Bardo, the period between death and rebirth, which is supposed to be populated by some mythological monsters, but I think it’s much more likely if the monsters are too mythological, you’ve wised up, that this wasn’t for real. But it was very much like your real life. You might very well be dead and not know it at all.”

Unknown: “Those monters are projections of your own mind, it’s not external.”

W.S.B.: “Exactly. Exactly, yes. But as I’ve frequently said, I do believe in the possibility of survival after death. I think it’s the only goal worth striving for.”

William S. Burroughs as quoted from the documentary William S. Burroughs: A Man Within


~ by the coordinates of memories on 6 June 2011.

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