briefly: mitt romney and the current state of politics in america

Just heard a news story in which Mitt Romney’s appearance was compared to that of a “hedge-fund Ken doll.” I LOL’d. And in the same story, a Republican voter proclaimed he’d vote for anyone as long as he/she beats Obama. I’m certain many Americans share this sentiment (which reminds me of the Left in 2004 when the mantra was “anybody but Bush”). It’s a sad state of affairs when some (most?) voters vote solely to see the challenger/incumbent lose, but how could this attitude not exist when Americans are being served by a rotting government that has so perversely worshiped money and power that the United States borders on becoming a military state? (My opinion: I believe the military state is already here.)

Another theory is that the current state of American politics was inevitable — the Empire is crumbling. I suppose you can view everything happening now as some big reality television-game show, like Survivor. The weak contestants who realize they’re weak look to align themselves with another weak contestant. Obviously the pack leader isn’t going to commit himself to a weak member, so the less-than-strong unionize and, before being booted from the tribe, they try every trick imaginable. There’s deceit. Honesty. Hate. Respect. But the end goal is the same — to be the winner and the one with the most power. But let’s flip things for a moment and say the weak contestants know with certainty that they’ll lose. Then what happens? Well, if you’re a corporation (think Enron) or major financial institution you milk the cow until the tit is dry then jump ship, which, as I began this paragraph, is perhaps an explanation for the disintegration of American government and power. When the money runs out, your response is probably going to be irrational. How else can you explain the popularity of Sarah Palin and the catatonic Obama heads who still support him?

These two factions exist not because American’s are dumb, ignorant. They exist because they’re all that we have. Look at Obama. Bush. Palin. And practically every senator and congressman now in Washington. The deception and corruption that runs through all these characters rivals The Matrix. What you see, or, more precisely, what you read and hear is a fantasy compared to the product delivered. It’s the ol’ bait-and-switch.

Most unfortunate of all is that our little Rome is crumbling. Consciously or unconsciously, I believe this realization, among other reasons, motivated many to vote in 2010. The use of the hope and change slogans weren’t so much a response to the previous eight years, but an attempt to appeal to the sensation that’s slowly beginning to creep into the American consciousness: a new fear. It’s no longer just terrorism (still a good card to play, however). It’s a fear that everything’s falling apart. Bridges crumbling. Increasing homelessness. Yet wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Libya.

To the shadows blue and red, shadows blue and red
Your alarm bells, your alarm bells
Shadows blue and red, shadows blue and red
Your alarm bells, your alarm bells
They should be ringing
This is the gloaming
(from Radiohead’s “The Gloaming”)



~ by the coordinates of memories on 2 June 2011.

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